Accident with a tram

While walking I collided with tram in an accident not of my making

Returning from lunch I had to pass a TFL tram stop in Croydon. There is a natural narrowing of the footway at the tram stop where a control panel also eats into the width.

The width is further reduced by people standing in front of the control panel.

As I walked past this narrowing a blind chap, who had heard the tram arriving, extended his white stick forward which passed between my legs in stride. My rear following leg hit the white stick and I crashed to the ground while colliding with the side of the moving tram.

I hit the ground to see the white stick being pinged forward and picked up by a lady. I was being helped from the ground by people and could hear the blind chap saying in a very worried voice ‘… oh … oh … oh …’.

I was handed the white stick as the lady thought I was the owner of the stick. I gave it back to the blind chap and helped him get on the tram. He was still in shock as two people aside him guided him to a seat.

The photograph above shows how the iPad I had under my arm and under my coat, was bent. I did not notice this until I got back to work.

I latter phoned the police in case it was a reportable accident, and was advised to visit a hospital – which I did.

Even though I explained accurately the accident to the receptionist at the hospital, it was recorded as being hit by a tube train. I am just glad she was not doing the medical.

I got away very lightly …

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