Hmm! It unsuspectingly attracted people for frog rolls

In my ignorance I put out a glowing pumpkin on our drive to entertain a family member on his arrival. But …

I returned in doors to answer the phone ‘ … you’ve done what … you’ll have lots of visitors it’s Halloween …’ said my better half. The moment I hung-up the doorbell rang and it started.

A quick dash to the fridge to see what was there and a punnet of sausage rolls were grabbed.

I opened the door slowly and peeked through the gap. Urrr! A group of spooky children were doing their best to look cruel and mean stared at me. Trick or treat they gestured. I asked them what my treat was, which floored them as it was the wrong way around

I then fell in and asked them what lives in a pond in spring time … a frog … so I offered them frog rolls! Urrs and groans came from them and their parents who were close by.

So all was not lost on either me or them.

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