Lesson learned … twice

I thought I had learned this lesson: take the photograph when you see it. There are some situations that will evaporate

In the morning the car that had been parked here for nearly a year had a Texas Boot curtesy of the DVLA chained to the front wheel.

Based on the fact that it had been here for that length of time I thought I would capture it at lunch time or on my way home. But … shock horror it had gone by lunch time.

So don’t delay.

This was the second time a delay had caught me out. Many years ago, in a bad winter, a 2 foot long icicle had grown from our gutter. I said to my self – I’ll capture that tomorrow. Low and behold at 10:30 at night my son came in and said ‘… look what I found …’. Yes he had snapped it off to show me.

So don’t delay.

This is a strange photograph to share, and without this explanation means diddly-squat.

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