Guarding weeds and hardcore

While photographing the lifting of the living units on this new 40 story tower block this chap arrived and let himself in …

I chuckled and carried on. With my camera still elevated my imagination started to wonder. I had visions of him checking all the weeds were still there and the hardcore had not been smuggled out through the small slithers of gaps in the fencing.

I thought, no he was right he had to check and I thought of the conversation he would have with his line manager if a pebble was missing.

It was a pebble about the size of a sugar cube, pebble in colour. Yes like that one. Yes it was next to the other pebble … I had to stop, but not before remembering another pointless conversation I heard. I won’t spoil it for you but just do a google search for ‘the front fell off’. It’s from about 2007.

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