Have I bored you yet with this … I like geometry, shape and form and all it gives us.

I did not appreciate this until I started working in a drawing office with pencils and pens and straight edges.

Psst I have a big collection of rulers as well. I alway check in Charity Shops for them …

Anyway … I enjoy modern buildings and structures in general, from the fanciful, through to extravagant and signature architecture.

This photograph and those that follow below are examples of the work I enjoy. Central London and the Thames embankment reveal a great number of new buildings.

I don’t always consider their functionality, often it’s just their form and how they integrate with their surroundings and contribute to the wellbeing of the community. That community is often just the workforce.

So, there are some basic shapes here along with lines. There are complex shapes with repeating patterns. There are base colours, balanced use of colours and the interplay of surface textures.

This is not high-Architecture descriptions but what I enjoy when my eyes pass over the building.

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