Croydon suffers from those pesky little litterbugs who come out at night and deliver packages of rubbish

It’s something any place, village, town or city can do without – rubbish!

Unfortunately Croydon town centre suffers, as do other places, with rubbish. I thought hard about how to describe Croydon town. Do I say … it’s a horrible place because of the rubbish or it’s fantastic because …

Ever place has good points and bad points. It’s up to us as individuals to decide what is important in their lives and be driven by those factors.

Places on the outskirts of London are slowly being transformed by redevelopment where the culture(s) are both being extinguished and grown. Looking at the office block conversions into housing and tower block extensions with architectural planting on the roofs Croydon is on that move.

What Croydon has got to grow is the cafe society and a slow evening pace. That is not just Box Place (which caters for commuters with over loud music and food) or more chain-coffee shops, but individual speciality/independent coffee shops that have casual visitors.

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