I still don’t understand why

I cannot understand the rationale as to why this was ever built in Brighton. I have not been up it, as I fear it will be an anticlimax

I watched it being constructed and marvelled at the fact it was jacked up, nothing lifted. The level of accuracy needed and therefore monitored was impressive. It’s slenderness is exquisite and how it is stabilised from the effect of wind is engineering at its best.

But but, Brightons’ nautical history finished many years ago when the last remaining fishermen were, I believe, forced off the beach to tidy up the sea front.

Have a chat with the only chap selling crab meals in the fishermen’s quarter.

Why would I want to pay to ‘fly’ in the i360 for the pleasure of looking at the rooftops of Brighton or a glimpse of the French coast.

I am waiting for Trump to chime in and say we should use it as an observation post to monitor people crossing the channel illegally. He will … its a marvellous thing … you Brits …

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