If he was told once he was told lots …

The 1st floor in Jubilee Library in Brighton is a sanctuary for those who need peace and quite to study. Please do not mistake those there as being shrinking violets …

This chap, in blue, had already demanded he sat in that spot as the PC had been reserved for him. A chap did move for him.

About 20 minutes later he took a telephone call and made no attempt to firstly move away, or speak quietly.

A lady the opposite side of the table spoke to him about his lack of manners but he did not stop to even acknowledge her. A chap on my table said, in a louder voice, tinged with a little disgruntled anguish, to move away, but again he just rolled on.

The next stage included seven or eight people on adjacent tables all explaining to him the errors of his way. All were aggressively looking at the chap and he had no other option than to listen and stop his call. Shortly after he left.

I was surprised how group power worked so well. I could not get a clear frontal portrait but there is ways tomorrow.

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