Jubilee Library – on a Sunday

Queuing to get into the library is, and this is not a scientifically based survey, is a regular occurrence

This is now my fourth weekend visit to the Jubilee Library in Brighton over two consecutive weekends and on all occasions there has been a queue waiting eagerly to cross the threshold.

It appears the regulars know exactly where they are heading as … it’s thought the main doors, cross the shop area quickly, turn right at pace, through the next doors and fan out. Destinations are clear – three or for turn right again, some straight into the lift, more start the stairs. Parents with children turn left and head for their section. Some head across the way for the community areas and a few start their day by heading for the cafe.

I don’t know where I have been all my life to have missed the entrance routine.

I am a part of it now, well until my studies finish.

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