Brightons’ changing – as it should

The dynamic city of Brighton never stands still. I come here regularly but have got out of the habit of looking and seeing.

I am usually on a mission when I go to Brighton and time is sensitive. Today was no acceptation, but a demonstration, only a small one, could be 100 people and two police cars and I think two police people, took hold of the traffic mid-afternoon (tea break for me) and the traffic seemed not to recover it’s flow by the time I had finished at five.

So I walked about taking in the sights and sounds of Brighton while getting to the bus stop.

I noticed a new gathering point for – I think the replacement of the white-van-man. The quick and speedy fast food deliverers. The white man still exist but now masquerade in liveried vans of home delivery services and such.

This street is a very busy street with both north and south foot traffic laced with the usual traffic in two directions. But that never stops delivery drivers from parking road side while waiting to make the next hunger delivery dash across Brighton.

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