Meh! It’s old hat this messaging stuff

35 or so years ago messaging was in its infancy. It has grown from bulletin boards to fb and more to follow.

I used a service named Blandford Forum Bulletin Board for contacting like minded people then Telecom Gold for it functionality of messaging individual people. Following this I was using online banking for my first company. Yes 35 odd years ago!

The wall of cards in this photograph took me straight back to message boards: not because of the similarity in appearance, there is none, but because of the similarity of function; letting people know about things.

This wall has a very appealing feel to it that draws me in. Local people, local events, local services with a common connection – they all frequent this place and might benefit from a connection here. It must be a good service!

No exchange of masses of private data here. Which leads me to say I am surprised at the ease of which people give up their identity to the big players in trawling of data.

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