Just in case I forget

My first appointment is at midday, so I thought I would partake in a favourite pastime and sit in a cafe, look out of the window and day dream until something happened. That is my modus operandi for my photography.

It did not take long 🙂 A chap came in who it transpires did not have a great command of the English language. He, after a time, was directed to a table where he was told his order would be taken. This process was not with out humour.

A coffee and English Breakfast was ordered and, like me, he had to wait.

I have been in here twice before and the proprietor is an old chap and while he is polite, efficiency is not a part of the service. He will do it his way only. He does stay calm but his voice gives him away as it boarders on being rude. I find it funny as it reminds me of Faulty Towers and the regular intertwining of Basil and Manuel. Both think they understand each other but never do.

Anyway after a 15 minute wait, and there are only three other customers in the cafe and they have been served, his coffee arrived.

Five minutes passed and the chap in broken English asked where his breakfast was: to which, in a gruff and surly voice replied ‘… its being cooked …’.

This is not a fast food place, which I enjoy, it’s a relaxed and slow so how they manage when all the tables are in use would be worth a visit to see the antics.

While writing this the chap wants to use the loo. The lady cook in the back of the cafe has great fun trying to direct him and get him to use the light switch.


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