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My Work

Is very personal to me. By that I am not saying private, just it’s a very introverted view of the world I see.

I will photograph anything without fear or favour.

I have a website for Pulse Photography http:/www.pulse-photography.com and accounts with Pintrest and Flicker.

About Me

Yes I am not a robot so don’t worry about ticking any capture boxes.

I teach photography to a group of people who are very individual and together have an understanding of photography that is always shared and balanced.

I say teach in a reserved way. Some of us have been together for 10 years. The sessions are discussions and will include whatever arises.

They have to produce 3 sets of 3 photographs per month for their portfolio and a set of between 3 and 10 photographs as an on going year long project. They go through the investigation, planning and execution stages and present their work on the last session of the course.

Their work is staggering in thought, presentation and delivery.

Clients – I wish 🙂


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